Bug Off® Instant Screen Door is a Kid's Best Friend

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With all the advantages Bug Off Screen offers, one of the most important is how great it is for parents and kids.

Bug Off Instant Screen is an easy and affordable way to keep insects out of your home while enjoying cookouts, parties, and outdoor get-togethers. Kids and pets can walk through Bug Off Screen without difficulty and it shuts automatically behind them. This means no more slamming screen doors and no more screens accidentally left open to allow insects in. It makes outdoor activities more fun and enjoyable with no more yelling, “Close the screen door.”

What is Bug Off Screen?

Bug Off Screen is an attractive screen curtain that installs easily without tools in about 5 minutes with an included spring tension rod. Hook and loop fasteners (like Velcro) are sewn to both sides of the screen to keep it securely in place. The center opening uses high-energy magnets to close the screen automatically. Bug Off provides magnetic hands-free entry and exit while keeping the insects out.

What Makes Bug Off Screens Better than Cheaper Imitations

Unlike the frustrating copycat screens that fall apart, Bug Off Screens are made with high quality USA screen mesh and high energy USA magnets. The cheaper instant screens are made in China with substandard mesh and magnets. In fact, many of these imitations like Magic Mesh are not made with real screen mesh at all, but a thin netting material. We use real screen mesh and an over-lock stitch on all the edges with outdoor nylon thread for a clean and attractive look. In over 1000 online reviews Bug Off Screen received 4 out of 5 stars. The copycats averaged 2 to 3 stars.

No More Bent or Broken Screens

Another big advantage of using Bug Off Screens is that there is no frame or bottom track to get broken or bent. Kids will be kids and pets will be pets and sometimes they forget to gently shut the screen, or they may go right through and destroy it. Broken or bent screens are familiar to families with kids and pets, but this cannot happen with Bug Off Screen.

If you love backyard activities and have kids, then you’ll love Bug Off Screen. It’s the perfect solution for keeping the bugs out and the fun in all your outdoor activities.

About Bug Off Screens:

Bug Off Screen started the "instant screen" industry more than 20 years ago and continues to be the leader in quality and customer service. Today Bug Off is manufactured in 14 standard sizes and custom sizes for single doors, French doors and sliding glass doors. More than a million Bug Off Screens have been sold worldwide.

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